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August 4th, 2016 by J

She may be a funny actress most times when you watch her, but you ain’t gonna laugh when you see this hot clip of Anna Faris as she was teasing her lover on cam by stripping naked and masturbating. Faris can definitely adapt to any roles and we can see clearly that she would do perfectly in adult films with the way she handles that wet and hairy cunt the moment she got naked. She didn’t disappoint when she decided to have this video circulated, as she gained more fans overnight!

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April 3rd, 2016 by J

Anna Faris is wildly known for her comedic roles on TV shows and film. She’s the type of blonde babe who may act just like any other dumb blondes but her acting is none of those annoying good for nothing blondie kind. She never fails to tickle those funny bones and make you actually look forward to watching other hot blondes like her who will never disappoint. Some say these comedic performers often than not has some more darker side to them usually the opposite of the facade that they show in public, you know, sadness and all that crap. It is kinda proven since a lot of these funny personalities tend to share their depressing real life stories, more tragic than the ones with creepy lonely faces all the time. If you remember her on movies such as Scary Movie and The Hot Chick, she is hilarious as fuck and you would enjoy her too. But it is not all just fun and games for this sexy blonde babe though she ain’t going to divulge any sob stories either.

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The deeper darker side she hides behind those clown masks isn’t something you would actually call dramatic, this one is the fun and exciting part. Meeting a ton of ‘fun’ co-stars and fans, Anna found a new way to make use of her fame in and out of the bedroom. At first she would joke about hooking up with total strangers when in fact it’s a bunch of her fuck buddies wanting to experiment with role playing. Filming themselves as strangers ready for the big show, preparing their tools for a hot and kinky ride. Anna wasn’t laughing anymore when faced with three stiff cocks. Instead, she enjoyed sucking on them and getting stuffed in her cunt and ass.

Anna Faris Strips Naked On Film

August 30th, 2010 by anna

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Check out these totally real Anna Faris nude pictures! Anna has never actually been naked on film before. That is until recently; and we have the photos right here! This gorgeous blonde strips off her pink panties and goes totally naked on the set of What’s Your Number? The film is an R-rated comedy about a hot girl tracking down every man she’s ever slept with in the past. Anna has starred in hit films such as The House Bunny, The Hot Chick and the Scary Movie series, her box-office success can be attributed to her comic timing and her enticing sexy bombshell body as can be seen in these sexy nude photos of Anna Farris.

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The 33-year-old actress shot her first fully nude scene as she stripped down to her birthday suit exposing her bubbly butt and lucious tits for her new movie that is still currently on production. Anna’s nude scene was filmed in the chilly outdoors so a lot of people got a good look at the alluring actress’ yummy booty. The provocative actress was joined by co-star Chris Evans as they filmed scenes for the upcoming romantic comedy set in the city of Boston. To see more sexy photos of this nubile blonde, check out these hot Anna Faris naked pictures.

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Anna Faris Now Stripping At A Club Near You

April 21st, 2010 by anna

I don’t know where this news comes from but apparently Anna Faris, sexy comedienne from such films as Scary Movie 1-4 and The House Bunny has been spotted stripping at certain adult clubs around LA.  Now I don’t know if she’s researching for an upcoming role (although I fail to see how she can use stripping for the live-action/CGI adaptation of Yogi Bear she’s doing next.)  Maybe she’s looking for something tastier than a picnic basket for Yogi to steal!  I know I’d prefer her muffins to a basket full of sausage anytime…

Anyway, here are some pics of Anna Faris stripping that some of our correspondents managed to take, and I have to say that Anna makes a perfect stripper!  Her use of a pimp-like feather boa and large hat in one of her sets is both hilarious and sexy at the same time.  But for perfect cock-hardening action, I prefer the set where she’s simply dressed in sheer crotchless stockings.  Then she rips of her sheer top and you can enjoy the way her perky tits bounce up and down!

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Anna Faris’ sleazy cumshot pictures

June 22nd, 2009 by anna

When actress/comedienne Anna Faris does her thing in front of the camera, she does it with utmost professionalism like any other actor in Hollywood, whether it be serious acting or just goofing around with her antics… but we never thought that Anna could get really “serious” when it comes to other things aside from acting, and we just have the photos to prove that this Scary Movie star can be one helluva slut when she starts to crave for big hard cocks and sticky cum!

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Hold your horses guys and I know this next surprise we have for all of you is truly the one you’ve been waiting for and I guess there’s no need to tell you what it is and now it’s time to feast your eyes on one butt naked Anna Faris as she gets to spread her legs and ass as these lucky dudes feed her up those throbbing love holes with some serious cock pumping their way in and out of her with our hardcore images collection of the Scary Movie star. There are tons of these sleazy pictures of Anna getting down and dirty with her studs as their massive totem poles start to stuff and pound her dripping holes with an array of steamy fuck sessions that is worth seeing while you jerk off that eager cock of yours.

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November 17th, 2008 by anna

Anna Faris may be this pretty comedienne you grew to love on all four Scary Movie series playing the role of Cindy Campbell but like all other Hollywood actresses, this looker has her little naughty side as well and the public doesn’t know that this babe loves to get naked while spreading her legs to display that delectable pussy that the guys would all want to see… and you are in luck ladies and gentlemen since the guys went through the effort of finding these naughty photos of Anna Faris showing her cunt and man there are a plenty! Get to see the Scary Movie star in all of her naked glory as she spreads her legs and expose that smooth, wet pussy with some of the most compromising poses that can make your little buddy stiff all the way!

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November 17th, 2008 by anna

Now this is something that might interest all of you Anna Faris fans out there… your hilarious and bubbly Cindy Campbell from the Scary Movie series is shedding off her clothes and exposing that tight, delicious naked body of hers with this huge collection of her steamy nude pictures that has surfaced recently and now we have gathered all of those naughty images just for you and now you can get to drool over her barenaked body while getting into a lot of those provocative and seductive poses. Watch her playful hands do wonders for her gorgeous pair of titties as she gets kinkier by the minute and reaches down for that smooth, juicy pussy and play around with it until she gets really damn wet.

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